Our 2016 Program


Leader: Dr. Griff Foley 

Newcastle overflows with stories; we have a veritable cornucopia of tales to tell.  This year we will encounter stories from the past and present; we will also look to the future. We will:

·   Hear stories about our city, and meet some great storytellers
·   Encounter and analyse different ways of telling stories
·   Research and write Newcastle stories

Semester 1, 2016

·   What makes a good story?    Griff  Foley
·   The geological history of Newcastle & the Hunter Valley   Phil Gilmore & Geoff Hassall
·   Art in Newcastle   Gael Davies
·   The birth of intensive care in Newcastle   Ass. Prof. Ross Kerridge
·   Green shoots: Old Town revival   Christopher Saunders, Renew Newcastle
·   From Surfing to Surfest   Ted Bassingthwaighte
·   Newcastle stories: themes & directions   Griff Foley
·   Saving the East End   Judith Gatland & Brian Ladd
·   Bishop Burgmann & the WEA   Prof. Peter Hempenstall
·   From bush walking to bush regeneration   Bob Clifton
·   Energy innovation in the city   Professor Behdad Moghtaderi#
·   Social work in Newcastle   Anne-Marie Holley
·   Newcastle’s Indigenous history   Prof. John Maynard
·   Our stories so far - 1  Griff Foley

Semester 2, 2016

·         Our stories so far - 2   Griff  Foley
·         Reviving the Regal    Gayle Hopwood
·         Law stories: Newcastle and beyond   Richard Wakely & Wayne Marler
·         From riot to revolution   Tony Brown
·         Coal and community in the Hunter   Griff Foley
·         Frontier Energy Technology site visit   Professor Behdad Moghtaderi#
·         Newcastle women’s stories   Jane Scott, Margaret Henry, Zeny Giles & others
·         What makes a good story?   Griff Foley
·         Our stories in context   Griff Foley
·         1950’s Newcastle - Nasho and beyond   Jim Stokes
·         A transport strategy for the Hunter   David Blyth, HCC
·         The 1880’s military occupations and the Hunter radical tradition   Rod Noble
·         Stories of the street       Paul McTigue & Griff Foley
·         Storylines: Hamilton then and now   Mark McLean
·         Public education in a neo-liberal era: Iimpacts on Newcastle and the Hunter   Jack Waight, NSWTF
·         Future city, What will Newcastle be like in 2030?   Griff Foley & others
·         Sharing our stories   Griff Foley

#Prof Moghtaderi is Director of the Priority Research Centre for Frontier Energy Technologies and Utilisation at the University of Newcastle

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